New job!

I recently got hired at an animal shelter near home in NY! I’m very excited about working here. So far it has been really great. I was so relieved to get hired. Job hunts can take a long, long time and I am lucky that I landed one already. On the first day I was feeling a bit rusty working with dogs after a nearly 6-month break, but I got right back into the swing of it. I am currently starting with low hours and working my way up as time goes on. I do not yet have a set schedule so my days vary week by week. I am so grateful for this opportunity!


Venus in surgery

Yesterday, Venus went to the vet to get spayed. She was dropped off at 8am. I was worried sick the whole day about the procedure. I was terrified that something might go wrong during surgery and there would be a health complication. And even if surgery went fine (which it did), I felt so sad for Venus. I knew she must’ve been petrified, lonely, and confused the whole time.


So luckily the surgery was okay. She was ready to get picked up around 4:30 PM. She seemed completely out of it, and kept trying to rip off her E-collar (AKA, the cone). I kept her in my room for the night. At first, she looked terribly weak (and also pretty pissed off). She had no energy, but refused to lay in bed and cuddle. Instead, she sat on the floor very awkwardly as if she could not get comfortable. She did not seem like herself at all, which was so hard for me to see. After a few hours I finally got her to eat. Then finally, late that night, she laid in bed with me and we fell asleep together.

This morning I let her roam the house a bit as her energy came back. With her cone on, she tends to bump into things and lose her balance. Unfortunately she will have to wear the cone for at least a few more days so that she doesn’t lick open her stitches. Now, she is laying peacefully on my bed. She is beginning to show more affection towards me again.


I’m looking forward to a week or so when Venus is healed and I can take her outside. Spaying and neutering is an important way of preventing overpopulation in cats and dogs. However, it is no “quick fix.” It is an invasive surgery that causes extreme stress for animals. According to the research I did in college, spaying/neutering is linked to a higher risk of developing several diseases (cancers, bone-related, and obesity-related). Sadly there are not really any other alternatives to keeping our pets sterile. I was considering other options for Venus but this seemed like her only option for now if I want to let her outside. I hope that in the future, we will have much safer/humane methods.


Last week I visited Kevin in Delaware while waiting to hear back from the places I interviewed at. We went on many walks at different parks. The cold weather makes it hard to get outside but luckily we had a few warm days. One of the places we went to had horses. Only two of them came up to us. They are beautiful creatures, yet so resilient. Their size and strength is intimidating.

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Kevin got more practice rock climbing. He got all the equipment he needs for Christmas and he has been practicing ever since. He’s getting pretty good at it. I’m glad he’s very cautious about it and he knows his limits. He wants me to join him but I’m not too interested in trying it myself. I’m sure he will get me to try a bit of climbing at some point.


I was very relieved to hear back from the animal shelter I applied to. I had another interview today and on Wednesday I will go in for training. I haven’t yet heard back from the animal hospitals. I’m looking forward to having a job again so that I can have a routine instead of waiting around anxiously.

Next weekend I’ll be visiting Kevin again because we are interested in going to an interactive dinosaur exhibit that will be near his hometown temporarily. I already really miss him!


This week has been really exhausting… I’ve had 4 interviews! On Monday, I interviewed for a technician assistant position at an animal hospital and they told me to come back Thursday morning for a “working interview.” I came to the next interview in scrubs and sneakers, and I was mainly observing. It lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Thursday afternoon I stopped by an animal shelter, filled out an application, and had an interview with the manager. The whole interview was done outside, which was pretty neat. Then, just this morning, I spent about 3 hours at a different animal hospital. I had a formal interview and then I spent the rest of the time following people around and doing hands-on work. As of now, I don’t have any other interviews scheduled. I’m just waiting to hear back from everyone.

Interviews are extremely draining. It’s a confusing time, trying to figure out what kind of job I want and feeling so uncertain about the future. I’m really looking forward to having a routine again. And of course, I’m looking forward to having a paycheck. I haven’t been buying anything except for a bottle of shampoo. My lovely parents give me free food and free rent. Venus is on dry food for the time being because I can’t afford wet food right now. There’s not much of a need to buy anything right now, except out of boredom. It’s easy to stay home and avoid the mall. What’s hard is having Internet access to buying anything I want online with the comfort of avoiding lines and staying in my pajamas. Sometimes I go on Amazon and add things I think I need to my cart, and then I come back to my cart a few days later and think, “I really don’t need any of this.” Once I get a job, I’m trying to dedicate like at least half of my paycheck to my savings account so I can start saving for rent money. I guess I’ll see how it goes.