My new kitten!

Words cannot express how excited I am right now! My boyfriend surprised me with a kitten this weekend. She’s only 3-months old, and she’s tiny! Her name is Venus. She is mainly black/grey tabby coloring, sort of brownish in the light.

She was very scared at first, but warming up so quickly! She goes through cycles of extreme hyperness, followed by extreme lethargy, followed by more extreme hyperness, etc. She loves playing with her little toys – jingle balls, fake mice, and so on. When she’s tired, she loves to cuddle. She really enjoys my bed and slips under the covers for warmth.

I am incredibly ecstatic right now. This is bringing back memories of when I got my first kitten, Buttermilk, for my 9th birthday. Now I remember why the fourth grade was so great for me. Kittens are different from adult cats because they are so fragile and require much more attention. -Much, much, much more attention. I think this is a great time to get a kitten because with my current schedule, I spend a lot of time at home (usually doing homework) so I can be with her often. It’s adorable how needy she is right now. As she grows up and becomes an adult, she will become more independent. I truly hope she can live a long, healthy, and happy life. She could live to see my future children… so crazy!


In merely three weeks, I’ll be back home in NY with my family. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m starting to feel pretty homesick. I can’t wait to introduce my new kitten to my family.

There are only four weeks left of this semester. Goodness!!! Last Thursday I had to do a solo presentation for my clinical pathology class about Canine Degenerative Myelopathy, a neurodegenerative spinal cord disease. I feel like I did decent enough, but I’m nervous about my grade. The instructor is such a tough grader. Next week I have to do another solo presentation for my senior seminar class. I feel like the hardest part of my semester is coming to an end. I’m feeling less stressed… although I still feel pretty tense about school because that’s how it always goes until you get your final grade.



Very sad news. My beloved pet rabbit, Titan, has passed away. He was very young, it was very sudden and unexpected. I am still in disbelief. I have been trying to distract myself this week and focus on the positives but I keep thinking of him and how upset I am. It helps to believe that this is a small part of the bigger picture. But from my perspective, my whole world has turned upside-down.


I only got to spend a short time with Titan which makes it even harder. There’s tons of great memories to look back on but not nearly enough. I had big plans for my little bun. Once I moved into my first home I was going to setup and outdoor play area. I always wished he could’ve spent more time outdoors, in his natural habitat. I bought him a leash that I only used once.

I know I gave Titan a lot of love and care, but my biggest regret is that I should have gave him even more attention. It’s been a busy couple of years but I should have prioritized him even more. Of course I enjoyed spoiling him and giving him little treats, but I should have done even more. Though, even if I spent every second of his life with him, it still wouldn’t have been enough.

Titan was my first pet rabbit and he showed me how much I love rabbits. I definitely want more rabbits in the future. But no bunny can ever replace Titan.

Towards the end of his life, he was really warming up to people and becoming less skittish. It became much easier to pick him up. He learned how to jump really high this fall. He jumped on and off of my bed and the couch! So adorable!

Titan had a stomach problem that hit him very suddenly. Luckily it didn’t just happen in the blink of an eye. I spent all of Friday giving him love and trying to nurse him back to health. For hours, he sat on my lap as I rubbed his tummy. He looked like he was starting to get better, then suddenly he became weak.

Every terrible experience comes with lessons, so that’s what I’m focusing on. Let this be a lesson that life is fragile. We need to love people and animals while they are still here. Even a tiny health problem is a big warning sign that must be addressed immediately.

I love you Titan, rest in peace.