Wishful Wednesday ~ make a wish

Why do we wish?

The process of wishing is allowing our desires come to the surface of our minds while feeding it hope. It reflects who we are. It reveals what we feel is missing in our lives. It is a place where we have total freedom and control. It is a clue, a key, a gem…

Why do we stop wishing?

We grow older and build an accumulation of negative experiences that teach us not to wish. We suffer “reality checks” that hit like bricks. We become fed up with disappointment.

What’s the point of wishing?

If you let yourself wish and dream, you open your mind to new experiences and new ways of thinking. It’s easy to forget that our minds often are our greatest obstacles, and we are the ones getting in our own way. The disappointment only comes when you stop wishing.


Try again

I really do not want to make things confusing

There’s so many clowns and none are amusing

I really thought I had put my foot down then

Now I gotta try harder, try and try again

Trying much harder to defend myself

And when I struggle I appreciate help

Or just stand back and sulk, it’s up to you

But when you suffer, I suffer too

Try-it Tuesday ~ charcoal toothpaste

Charcoal comes with many health benefits. It removes toxins, improves skin, aids in digestion, and also whitens teeth. Lately charcoal has been super trendy and can be found in almost anything now: face masks, body scrubs, vitamins, ice cream, and more.

I tried charcoal toothpaste. I used a brand that only uses natural ingredients, so there was no foaming agent. It’s weird to see my teeth turn black.

Overall I found it to be a pleasant teeth-brushing experience. It was similar to brushing with any other “natural toothpaste,” the charcoal didn’t have any strange taste or texture to it.

On Purpose

We live in a guilt-ridden society: a society of people who are repressed and controlled by guilt.

What is “guilt” or “feeling guilty”? It means to experience negative emotions about oneself, due to the negative impact of our thoughts, actions, and way of being.

I agree that all human beings have legitimate reasons to feel bad about ourselves — our ignorant nature, our laziness, our destruction of the environment, the list goes on…

However, we live in a society that simply “chooses to feel guilty.” The problem with guilt is this: no amount of guilt can change or reverse the negative impact. Many of us like to believe that “feeling guilty” is enough of a punishment. But that’s completely false.

You see, the more you fall into a pit of guilt, the lower your self-esteem falls. And so, you uncontrollably continue to do “bad things” (whether it be littering, gossiping, etc.) because your subconscious truly believes that this is the type of person you are. You will continue to feed your conscious mind with guilt in order to “make up” for the consequences. And you fall into a viscous cycle of self-sabotage.

If you are feeling guilty then you really only have two options:

  1. Change your behavior — become a better person. Or,
  2. Change your state of mind — have total faith and confidence in everything you do.

Authority figures, religious figures, the media, anyone trying to take your money, uses guilt as a form of control. Distance yourself from anyone or anything that believes fear and shame will make you a better person. That’s totally wrong — inspiration and faith is what makes someone better.

How many times have you heard people say, “yeah, I really shouldn’t do this, but I do it anyway.” Or how many times have you heard people constantly apologizing for things totally beyond their control? Either use the guilt to make a change or let it go. If you pick the third option — to let it swallow you whole — then you are taking the easy way out and causing even more problems for yourself and those around you.

Let everything you do be done with purpose. Do not do anything halfway. If you want to get a project done, don’t just start it and then give up. If you want to talk to someone, don’t just walk up to them like you’re about to say something and then turn around. Make a choice and stick with it — believe in your choices. Either do something with no guilt or hesitation, or don’t do it at all.

Caturday ~ The Munchkin Cat

The “munchkin cat” is a cat with short and stubby legs. This is due to a genetic mutation called achondroplasia. They are a relatively new breed of cat, having first been documented in the 1940s.

Munchkins are typically extroverted, highly social, and super playful. They do not seem to suffer from any more health problems than your average house cat. These rambunctious cats can still run fast and enjoy themselves, despite their genetic mutation. They are still able to live full, comfortable lives.

As cute as they are, this cat breed is actually highly controversial. Some people are strongly against Munchkins — they believe that the breeding of physical deformities is unethical. Personally, I feel that as long as they are not more susceptible to health risks, that it is perfectly fine to promote them. Plus, they prove that being less than perfect can really make you that much cuter! 😉

What do you think about the Munchkin cat?

Flow Friday ~ the answers are within

You can try to find the answers in the world, but you will only become more lost. You can look up articles, read books, watch movies, ask people, all the things that cause you to extend outwards to seek your answers. This will only add confusion by distracting you from everything that is within.

When you are able to pause for a moment and shut off the distractions, the answers will become more clear.

Most of the time we already know what the answers are, but we seek outwards anyway strictly because we are looking for reassurance. And even when we find approval on the outside, it still never seems to be enough. No amount of external recognition can fix the need for validation.

Only until you go deeper within will you lose the need for validation because you learn to trust yourself, trust your decisions, trust your wisdom.

Speak Now

I could always dance in front of a crowd
I could always sing to them so loud
But I always seem to shut down
When I try to speak

I can speak with my body, my face, my eyes
I can speak with laughter, speak with smiles
I can write out the words, so swiftly with ease
Yet the mouth cannot speak

I grew up and grew sick of all of the mocking
Adapted to a world that cannot stop talking
Disguised myself now as a social elite
But social anxiety will forever be my defeat

People come up to me asking for favors
Taking advantage of my quiet nature
They want someone who listens, it’s so unfair
Cause I know they’re mooching, I know they don’t really care

Yet when there’s someone I’d like to talk to most
I plan out the words but then I lose my voice
You can misunderstand me, like I’m not even trying
When you misunderstand me, I feel like I’m dying